Our mission

The BCLF has the mission to promote cycle logistics in Belgium. At the same time, it defends the principles of the social, circular and local economy, the place of bike and cargo bikes in our cities and fair employment policies.

The strategy of the BCLF is to create a virtuous circle initiated by the following projects:


Professionalisation & development of our members by supporting the:

  • sharing of knowledge and experiences;
  • mutualization of tools and tasks;
  • joint-purchasing of goods and services;
  • realization and co-funding of common research and development projects;
  • setting of common services such as intermodal inter-city services.


Connect & strengthen the cycle logistics ecosystem by:

  • supporting new cycle logistics entrepreneurial initiatives;
  • promoting the integration of cycle logistics in the transport sector;
  • representing our members in public, academic, private and citizen projects;
  • representing the Belgian sector within the European Cycle Logistics Federation;
  • supporting initiatives promoting bikeable cities as well as the social, local and circular economy.


Increase the cycle logistics’ visibility by providing:

  • a website presenting our members, partners, values and their services;
  • sensitization and other communication actions;
  • the organization of events at the attention of all stakeholders.


Set favourable framework conditions by:

  • Analysing the economic, social and environmental impacts of cycle logistics;
  • Engaging in lobbying actions.

Want to order, join or support us? Contact us at info@bclf.be.

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