Our values


The BCLF is a network of cycle logistics operators respecting the principles of the social economy. It relies on the creativity and dynamism of Belgian companies providing services that contribute to a better society, enable its workers to be part of their decision process, are independently managed and that ensue the primacy of work over the capital in the income distribution.


The network is composed of members strongly integrated into their local environment. Being part of the network enables cycle logistics operators to reconcile their willingness to remain local and the advantages of a national coverage. The network and its members also aim to favour the initiatives promoting the local economy and the short circuits.


The reduction of the negative externalities generated by the motorized urban logistics and the improvement of the liveability of our cities is a main motivation for our members to operate. Today, the urban freight transportation generates around 10 to 15% of the urban traffic which implies significant congestion issues. These issues are exacerbated by the current double parking practices. The urban freight transportation is also responsible for up to 30% of the urban traffic’s emission of greenhouses gas and contributes significantly to the air and noise pollution. Furthermore, it restricts the public space and the well-being of the citizens within it (ERTRAC/ALICE, 2014, Maes, 2017). We believe that alternatives such as cycle logistics can contribute to tackle these issues.


Our members offer services a very high level of reliability and flexibility. In order to provide these high quality sustainable services we rely on the bike couriers. We consider that a fair remuneration of the worker is essential. The network presents itself as a counter-foot to the casualization of the bike couriers jobs and to the social and commercial dumping too often exhibited in the collaborative economy and logistics sector. The emphasis is put on the dialogue with the biker, their security, the transparency regarding the workloads and conditions of employment. For instance, our members consider normal to procure the bikes to the biker or to participate into the costs associated with the professional activities. Another example is that when the volumes treated allows it and that the biker ask for it there is a possibility for them to sign fix contracts.


The BCLF and its members are convinced that bikes and cargo bikes are convenient and efficient vehicles for commercial and private transportation purposes. In that sense it intends to conduct communication and lobbying actions to spread all type of bikes usage in our cities.

Want to order, join or support us? Contact us at info@bclf.be.

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