Our vision

We work to unleash the full sustainable potential of bikes and cargo bikes. In other words, we want to see at least 25% of urban motorized delivery trips to be shifted to cycle logistics (cyclelogistics, 2014). This means that we can play a significant role in the achievement of the European Commission goal which is to (near) zero-emission logistics in major urban centers by 2030 (European Commission, 2011). In order to reach this ambitious goal, cycle logistics services have to become more efficient, more accessible and more integrated with existing logistics chains. We want to be a credible alternative in the mind of all our potential clients.

Our will for urban delivery trips
Cycle logistics 25%

We consider that all citizens have the right to breathe an air of good quality, do not have to be affected by significant noise pollution and should be free to enjoy a proper public space for other functions than driving their cars. Furthermore, we want to reduce the contribution of the transport sector to global warming. Cycle logistics is a solution to all these challenges. 

As we believe that even a good end does not justify all the means, we would like to see this change happen through a collaborative, democratic and innovative dynamic. This idea must not only be respected between our organisations but also within them. As such, our members share a vision of a society where any worker is respected as a person first. All workers and more precisely all (cargo) bike couriers must be paid fairly and be able to choose the type of contract that fit their goals. We promote the worker’s implication in the decision-making process and refuse to systematically externalise all the costs, uncertainties and risks related to our activities on their shoulders.

On top of that, we want to work hand in hand with the social and local economy by providing them with transport solutions in accordance with their values and their demands. 

Finally, we would like the logistics costs to truly reflect its real societal and environmental costs. In that set up we are convinced that cycle logistics would be highly competitive in urban areas.

Want to order, join or support us? Contact us at info@bclf.be.

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