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Our network of members offers highly reliable, flexible and efficient B2B & B2C services which can improve your green credential.

Our members can collect and deliver your mail, parcels or food with bikes, cargo bikes and cargo trikes within a few hours or within a few days depending on the time windows and the frequency of your choice. We offer standard and express delivery services as well as dedicated and tailored solutions adapted to your very specific needs. Thanks to our professional outdoor gear and adapted boxes we can keep your goods dry, warm and safe in all weather conditions. Do not forget that we can handle the return deliveries for unsold items, leftover food or reusable packaging!

Also, if you have large or extra-large deliveries such as euro pallet or even furniture our members might design a special service for you thanks to the increased usage of electrical assistance and innovative trailers. Did you know that our favourites cargo bikes such as Bullitts, Omniums and Urban Arrows can easily accept loads up to 100kg ? New trailers up to 180kg ? Cargo trikes even more !

Together and with their partners, cycle logistics carriers supply one-stop solutions by being able to collect, store and deliver your goods not only within one city but also across Belgium or even worldwide.

Our solution can also include extra services such as advertising, storing, rental of material, data reporting, advising and support services.

Discover all the cycle logistics services the BCLF members offer below !

Among others we currently deliver administrative documents (education certificates, Visa, accounting documents,..), mails, but also local food production (beers, bread, …) and lunches of any types as well as flowers, magazines, IT equipement, medicines and medical apparels, clothes together with a lot of advertising materials.

Contact us at and one of our members will get in touch with you as soon as possible!

All these services are available, in your city or at multiple-city scale but are limited by the current capacity of our members. Also, some services are not offered by all members. Please note that the Belgian Cycle Logistics Federation will only redirect you to one partner that will be your unique point of contact and will define the prices, and terms of sales with you.



Is there an unexpected delivery to be made before the end of the day? Do you urgently need to ship a parcel across the city? Nothing can be faster and more reliable than a dedicated bike in urban areas!

Are you planning to deliver within your city in the coming days? Our members will take charge of it in all simplicity!

You have regular and substantial logistics needs between several Belgian cities? For the first time, the urban parts of these inter-city deliveries can be achieved with cycle logistics! The first and last parts of the transportation are ensured by our cargo bikes and the inter-city journey by one of our partners. If you need to be connected to other cities our members will arrange a solution with national or international partners.

If you have even more specific logistics needs, our members will design a dedicated service according to the time windows, frequency and flexibility your require. Our members regularly offer the following services and would be glad to adapt it right to your needs:

Last mile

Delivering from outside the city or from your (near) city-hub to the town is too costly or too complex ? We can dispatch the parcels immediately from your or our hub. Indeed, you can deliver the bundling of parcels to our hubs and we will bring it to the final receivers.

First mile 

You need to collect parcels and send it to a hub, to the post office or to other cities and countries ? Our members can pick up the parcels from wherever you want within the cities and regroup it to the point of your choice or transfer it into the hand of national and international carriers.

Internal post services

Your organisation is located in different sites within a city ? We ensure rounds between these different sites where we collect and deliver the required mails and parcels.

Short supply chains

You have a production site in urban areas? We can be your dedicated link to the restaurants, store or final receivers that you must supply on a daily or regular basis.

Distribution campaign

You need to distribute flyers, posters or other goofs frequently or for specific events ? We can take charge of the full campaign distribution, the follow up and the return after the events!


Your E Business generates new transportation needs? We can surely handle these volumes ! We can even be directly connected to your order system and integrate it into our dispatching software !

Europalette and Smart containerization

Thanks to our partner Urbike some of our members will enjoy the possibility to use a innovative trailer offered by Fleximodal! The packages are stored into a container or into an Europalette which can be attached to the BicyLift trailer. This trailer enables the bike courier to handle the container or the Europalette without any external help. It also avoid breaking bulks between the shipper and the receiver. A trailer combined with a pallet truck, in a way! Discover more on the websites of Urbike and FlexiModal.

Your logistics needs cannot be resumed by the deliveries only ? Then you will be interested by our extra services. 


You want more visibility ? We set advertising materials such as stickers and flags with the add of your choice on our cargo bike. This means that you can benefit from a moving promotion right in the city center!


You have a limited space to store your needs? You have a stock of parcels that you must sent over a period of time? We can store it for you immediately and supply your client at a later time. 

Advise and support

Are you curious and willing to explore the opportunities that cycle logistics represent? You would like to invest in a cargo bike but you have too many questions without any answer… Our members can share their expertise with you or organize a test period allowing you to discover the realities of cycle logistics.

Data reporting

At each delivery we encounter new information! We can report the state of your stocks on real time wherever we deliver. We can also collect data about air and acoustic quality, road conditions and potholes or about traffic density!

Cargo bikes & material rental

Some of our members are ready to rent part of their daily tools. Enjoy!


Please let us know how we can help you ?

If you need delivery services please describe what are:

  1. The picking and delivery adresses;
  2. The type and number of parcels to be transported (volumes, weight, characteristics);
  3. The timing of the deliveries;
  4. The extra services you would need.

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