Become a member

As a cycle logistics operator you can join a national community of people and organisations exhibiting similar interests. You will have the opportunity to: 

Join various collaborative efforts and benefit from the:

  • exchange of knowledge and experiences; 
  • support the mutualization of tools and tasks;
  • joint-purchasing of goods and services; 
  • realization and co-funding of common research and development projects;
  • setting of common services such as intermodal inter-city services.

Enjoy more visibility and credibility thanks to our:  

  • website;
  • label;
  • events and other communication actions.

Be represented by the BCLF in

  • Lobbying activities; 
  • Research projects; 
  • Efforts to be better integrated in the general transport sector; 
  • The European Cycle Logistics Federation;
  • Other initiatives willing to rely on our network’s expertise.

Co-create the vision of cycle logistics in Belgium like. Indeed, only effective members have a voting right at the general assembly !


Any Cycle Logistics actor involved in the Belgian sector respecting our values and willing to have a pro-active participation in the network.


By writing a request at explaining your involvement in cycle logistics, your motivation, your potential contribution to the BCLF and to what extent you fit to our values.

As an effective member, you will have to be accepted at the unanimity by the board of directors including only effective members. If no consensus is found the decision will be reported to the general assembly. You will receive a voting right at the general assembly in exchange of a reasonable membership fee fixed by the general assembly. 

In any case we will get in touch with you quickly.

We hope to hear from you very soon!

Want to order, join or support us? Contact us at

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