Our mission

The Belgian Cycle Logistics Federation is the Voice of Cycle Logistics in Belgium



BCLF has the mission to promote cycle logistics in Belgium, and to advocate for its development with the goal to achieve its Vision.

In order to get favorable conditions to enable an exponential development of cycle logistics, BCLF works on its mission thanks to three building blocks: Inform, Represent & Link.


1. Inform and gather & disseminate knowledge

The federation builds its advocacy on a solid base of expertise. Therefore, BCLF is conducting regular studies and is consulting domain specialists.



2. Represent cycle logistics

The knowledge gathered provides the federation input to represent the sector at local, regional, national and international level. In addition, the concrete outcomes offer reliable and strong support to widen the global visibility and awareness of cycle logistics.



3. Link the community of Belgian  cycle logistics operators

Finally, the aim of the BCLF is to connect its members and stakeholders through events and workshops. Moreover, the federation and its members have the ambition to collaborate with the wider world of transport and logistics.


Want to join, support or get to know us? Contact us at info@bclf.be.

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