Our vision

By 2030, Cycle Logistics will be the Heart of urban logistics

At least 33% of the motorised trips for the professional transport (freight, delivery, services, business) in urban areas could be shifted to carrier cycles (cyclelogistics – moving Europe forward, 2014).

Our Vision for urban freight & service delivery trips
Cycle logistics 33%

We believe that cycle logistics will take an unavoidable place in cities because of its sustainable, effective and qualitative properties for the first and last mile legs of logistics flows. By being seamlessly integrated in the end-to-end supply chain, cycle logistics will become vital to urban logistics.

We work to unleash the full potential of carrier cycles, and to play a significant role in the achievement of the European Commission goal which is to (near) zero-emission logistics in major urban centres. In order to reach this ambitious goal, cycle logistics services have to be efficient, accessible and integrated with existing logistics chains.

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