Our values


Happy people are fundamental to cycle logistics. They make the difference, every day, by the quality and efficiency of their work. We value the people, employees and stakeholders, for their added value, experience and creativity. We believe in diversity, inclusion, honesty, and transparency. Our Human Centric approach aims at high customer and employee satisfaction.


Our regenerative approach represents a shift towards a sustainable future. It also recognizes the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental systems, and seeks to create solutions that benefit the society. We promote, defend and support fair and quality jobs, we mitigate climate change, and we aim at economic sustainability. Finally, we participate in making cities more attractive.


We believe that cycle logistics will become an unavoidable sector in urban logistics. We want to inspire cycle logisticians, enterprises, stakeholders, decision makers and citizens, to share the same aspirations, and to make it happen.


We bring new solutions by leveraging existing concepts. Our approach is pragmatic and based on research. We are pioneering solutions in changing times. Our thinking is modern and forward looking without reinventing the wheel.


We emphasize collaboration, co-creation, and community involvement in the design and implementation of solutions. We share with others and we learn from others.

Want to join, support or get to know us? Contact us at info@bclf.be.

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